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Starting Over: The Midlife Entrepreneur

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Midlife is traditionally a time for traveling or playing more golf -- but not for mid-lifers who decide to leave the security of a steady paycheck for the uncertain life of an entrepreneur.  Just ask former police officer Steven Mould, who started his high-end professional-quality knife company, Flint & Flame, when he was close to age 50.  In this interview with EIX's Kim Eddleston, Mould and his partner Lisa Lazure talk about the challenges of launching a new business at a time when many people are thinking about winding down. Mould admits he had more downtime and played more golf when he was a policeman, but both he and Lazure say they are energized by the chance to build something new, even if it means seven-hour days. Their insights will be useful for anyone thinking of starting a business in midlife.

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