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e-Fest 2019 Finalists Announced from 'Very Strong Field' of Teams

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Nearly two dozen entrepreneurship judges had three weeks and a mission this year:  Review over one hundred video pitch submissions and slide decks and determine the 25 teams to invite to the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship in Minneapolis for the April 11th-13th live competition finals and championship round of e-Fest 2019 and the Schulze Entrepreneurship Challenge.

The main goal of this elite entrepreneurship event, open to undergraduate students in North America and with $250,000 in cash prizes available, includes recognizing compelling student ideas for products, services, and ventures but moreso aims to encourage student learning and networking around using entrepreneurial thinking and methods to create, validate, and communicate about solutions to problems. As LinkedIn co-founder Konstantin Geuricke mentioned in his EIX.org article, ideas may come and go but the ability for entrepreneurs to form a team, build a plan together, and execute on it is a skill that "dramatically increases the odds of success in the long-term".

According to the judges, e-Fest this year saw a "very strong field" of entries and student entrepreneurs who really "put it out there". The e-Fest competition has nine judging criteria, which serve as a comprehensive measure or checklist for preparing to bring an idea to the market. One of the key questions about a new venture is, who will the customers be and how/why will they pay for your offering? A vast majority of the teams performed well in several of the criteria, while teams that achieved consistent high scores across all the criteria were more likely to receive the Top 25 Finalist invitation. All teams receive analytics about their performance, so as to keep improving on their entrepreneurial journeys.

2019 e-Fest Finalist Teams

(Teams appear in alphabetical order. There may be some team member / advisor substitutions.)

Accugentix | Florida Gulf Coast University

A safer and more accurate way to measure and dispense small-dose MC oil medications for oral ingestion.

Team: Alainah Hacker, Alex Popoff

Advisor: Sandra Kauanui

Blexx Technology | University of Wisconsin - Madison

A safer and more effective way to manage and dispose of discarded hypodermic needles.

Team: Erin Tenderholt, Jessica Reigh

Advisor: Michael Williams

CrowdPlay | Quinnipiac University

A mobile application centered on increasing fan engagement at stadiums during live events.

Team: Andrew Pizzi, Dan Picone

Advisor: Dale Jasinski

DelivHer | Georgia State University

A proprietary absorbent product and monthly subscription service for women's hygiene needs.

Team: Chante Knox, Tatiana Harrison

Advisor: Isabelle Monlouis

Dr. Brinsley | Northeastern University

A stylish, medically validated and high quality-constructed shoe for diabetics.

Team: Vidhan Bhaiya, Jooyoung Kim

Advisor: Kimberly Eddleston

Flashtract | Auburn University

An online business solution for managing invoicing and payment management for construction.

Team: Garrett Raab, Terran Ray , Ben Conry

Advisor: Lakami Baker

Hich, Inc. | James Madison University

A ride sharing app and platform targeted at students and getting around their campuses and communities.

Team: Zach Casey, Trey Rustand, Austin Dickerson, Josiah McClements, Justin Bayless

Advisor: Patrick McQuown

Iconic EDU | West Virginia University

A hands-on STEM education kit that connects concepts taught in the classroom with real world examples.

Team: James Carnes, Kyle Gillis, Robert Simmons, Coleton Tasker

Advisor: Daniel Germain

Invictis Technologies | Princeton University

An automatic intravenous injection device for medications that replaces manual needle injections.

Team: Miles Cole, Casey Conrad

Advisor: Craig Arnold

LiveGreen | University of Florida

A personal carbon emission tracker and offsetting app that also contributes to reforestation projects.

Team: Pablo Garces, Brian De Souza

Advisor: Nola Miyasaki

LivingWaters Systems | Rutgers University

World's first personal and portable system for rainwater collection and redirection.

Team: Joshua Kao, Joseph Bajor

Advisor: Laura Fabris

Lumastic | University of Virginia

An open platform connecting online content creators with knowledge-seekers.

Team: Drew Lytle, Michelle Lovering

Advisor: Alex Zorychta

Plyo | University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

A loyalty app and platform that rewards students for exercising on campus by offering deals on their favorite things.

Team: Peter Schultze, Tiegen Brickson

Advisor: John Stavig

QuickTech Medical | Virginia Tech

A digital, 3D sensor solution (goniometer) for measuring joint movement in therapy centers.

Team: Glenn Feit, Gregory Grande, Jacob Merizian

Advisor: David Townsend

Scrap-It! | Farmingdale State College

An app and network for requesting pickup and hauling of junk and recyclables.

Team: Orville Davis, Cynthia Sainteus-Davis, Shamika Earle, Shannon Williams

Advisor: Jing Betty Feng

SMARTwheel Inc. | University of New Hampshire

The first intelligent steering wheel that helps prevent distracted driving.

Team: TJ Evarts, Jaiden Evarts

Advisor: Ian Grant

SnapDuct | Western Michigan University

An innovative connector and solution for ductwork in residential and commercial construction.

Team: Brennan Vaughn, Danny Rogers

Advisor: Lara Hobson

SOULMUCH | San Diego State University

A process for recollecting unused grains from restaurants and food service and turning it into quality food products.

Team: Reyanne Mustafa, Kristian Krugman, Dakota Ruiz, Lexi Oplinger, Jordan Lee

Advisor: Alex DeNoble

Swatched | Western Kentucky University

A small, portable kit containing one full use of a day's worth of makeup.

Team: Allie McCreery, Kyla Ball

Advisor: Pedro Tonhozi de Oliveira

The Dot | Susquehanna University

An e-commerce brand and customizable subcription for feminine-hygiene products with a buy-one-give-one model.

Team: Courtney Young, Hannah Witt, Tara Montis , Ali Hordeski

Advisor: Emma Fleck

U-TREKS | Seton Hill University

A dependable safety tool that enhances the traction of footware on inconsistent and dangerous terrain.

Team: Rachael Bowers, Taryn Six, Randi Selbekk, Elizabeth Engel

Advisor: Lyzona Marshall

U-Wash | US Airforce Academy

An app and platform for saving time with laundry chores and making money doing people's laundry.

Team: Ryan McKenna, Joseph Johnson, Jack Smith, Caleb Stuffle, Sean McGinty

Advisor: Robert Evert

Vascugenix | University of Arkansas - Little Rock

A patented medical device helping surgeons perform arterial catheterization with one hand and greater speed and accuracy.

Team: Abigail Resendiz, Noah Asher , Zachary Cochran , Anna Helm

Advisor: Martial Trigeaud

Yad | Babson College

A platform for people with intellectual disabilities to discover and share their artistic talents.

Team: Deborah Cohen, Taylor Leng

Advisor: Mary Gale

youBelong | Florida Gulf Coast University

A safe and positive social network for people with special needs and their families.

Team: John Ciocca, Johnathan Schaffer

Advisor: Sandra Kauanui

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