About EIX

"One in 23 entrepreneurial ventures succeeds; the goal of EIX is to improve that ratio."
Dick Schulze
Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange (EIX) is a social media learning platform whose goal is to dramatically improve the success rate of new business ventures. Dedicated to entrepreneurship students, professors and entrepreneurs, EIX is  philanthropically funded by the Schulze Family Foundation. It is a free resource designed to advance and share the best research and practice of entrepreneurship, and make it relevant and accessible to both aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs.
The site features research articles on entrepreneurship by academia’s foremost professors and other experts, as well as illuminating video interviews with and articles by some of America’s most successful entrepreneurs.
Launched in April of 2014 by James Wetherbe, founding Editor in Chief with David Deeds as Senior Editor, EIX was created to upend the staid and arcane world of academic, practical and educational publishing via print journals.
Three audiences critical to the future of entrepreneurship will benefit.


  • For professors: EIX greatly reduces the time to publish in a leading academic journal by months or even years, yet still carries the prestige of being vetted by leading professors. Reducing the cycle time of publishing in academic journals is particularly important in a field where changes in theory and practice have been accelerating. Just as important, because of its broader appeal to entrepreneurs, EIX enables professors to bring their most important ideas and research in front of the professionals who need it most: current and aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • For students: Besieged with an explosion of Internet content on entrepreneurship, EIX is an online source with exceptional knowledge on the subject, vetted by a prestigious and highly skilled editorial board. Accordingly, EIX gives students a powerful resource for their own research, and thus a tool to compete for scholarships and doctoral fellowships.
  • For entrepreneurs: EIX is an online platform that enables the most successful business builders to share the lessons they’ve learned with current and aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance and inspiration. EIX does this through in-depth articles and video interviews in which these entrepreneurs explain in detail the keys to their firms’ success.

EIX is sponsored by the charitable foundation of Best Buy Co. founder Richard Schulze, who launched the firm in 1966 and led it to become America’s largest consumer electronics retailer (2015 revenue of $40 billion). The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation in September 2015 announced it would commit $500,000 annually to EIX, student scholarships, fellowships, and professorships. That annual commitment, equivalent to a $10 million endowment, is over and above the $50 million founding gift that Schulze and his family made in 2000 to establish the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas’ Minneapolis campus. EIX is affiliated with the Schulze School.


How EIX Works

How EIX Works

Once the requisite number of EIX editors endorse the category of submission, it can be published on the EIX website. As reviewers comment and provide feedback on the article, the EIX publishing system tracks the article’s visibility with something called a "LIFT" score. Along with an expedited process for senior editors to publish or endorse outstanding submissions, the system also allows outside commentators to eventually recognize submissions that are elevated to publication status ("LIFTed").

Published submissions are given visibility through the EIX and Schulze Foundation sites, and are eligible via crowdsourcing feedback for ultimate recognition through a Schulze Award. Winners receive a grant to support their research or award scholarships to be donated on their behalf to a college or university of their choice. In addition, Schulze Award authors may be distinguished guests presenting at the annual EIX conference held in Minneapolis in September.

Videos of Schulze Award presentations will be made available within the Annual EIX Conference video.

EIX Annual Conference

The Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange Conference is held each summer at the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship, University of St Thomas, Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is open to registered EIX members, Schulze Award winners and other invited guests. Further details will be posted here, as well as notifications for each year's award winners and conference speakers. All registered users on the EIX website, as well as people who subscribe to the email newsletter, will receive relevant news and information about future annual EIX conferences and other important events.

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