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Kathleen Allen

The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America

Through a series of engaging essays and letters to shareholders, Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, teaches a masterclass in how to build and operate a financially sound and ethical business. The book is organized by topic so it’s easy for entrepreneurs to find what they need quickly, and the lessons will carry them from startup through IPO and beyond.

Fifth Edition, Lawrence A. Cunningham, 2019

Which Kinds of Workers Leave Family Firms?

Ambitious non-family employees who want more responsibility and opportunities can feel hampered by the family hierarchy and a perceived preference given to relatives. 

Issue 7

Entrepreneurial Journeys with Rick

TV travel guide Rick Steves is not just a familiar face, he's also an entrepreneur who's built a $100 million business. And he's doing right by his employees during this crisis.

How to Raise a Seed Round

Even during a pandemic, startups need to think about raising seed money to fund their ideas. A great primer from Geoff Ralston of the accelerator Y Combinator.

The Outside Option

To achieve outcomes, great entrepreneurs know it's important to spend time cultivating outside options. Creating outside options take time, but they can be key to the survival of your business. Here is an unverified account of how a Russian investor became Facebook's outside option, at the expense of investors in Silicon Valley.



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