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Catherine Buday

"Built Not Born"

Tom Golisano is the founder and CEO of Paychex, which went from a shoestring operation to a $3.8 billion company with more than 15,000 employees. His book's 184 pages are filled with lessons for new entrepreneurs, based on what Golisano learned the hard way, and with rollicking tales of his first entrepreneurial ventures. It's a quick read that sounds more like a conversation with a very wise mentor.

Tom Golisano, Harper Collins Leadership, 2020

Doing Good Can Be Good Business

Family businesses, deeply embedded in the community, have had the chance to build good will during the pandemic. Here are five steps to make sure customers don't forget.


Feld and Mendelson's Venture Deals Course

Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson's book, Venture Deals, is essential reading for entrepreneurs seeking to raise venture capital. Feld and Mendelson, with sponsorship from the Kauffman Foundation, are offering a free course based on the book this summer. Follow the link to learn more and register.

California Educators Conference

This year's California Entrepreneurship Educators' Conference was held in a virtual format, and you can view some of their sessions online.

Giving Smaller Companies a Fresh Start

Small to medium-sized companies have been battered by the Covid 19 crisis. This McKinsey article spells out how governments can best help them recover.



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