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Brett Smith

Fr. Greg Boyle on compassion and kinship

Social entrepreneurs are often motivated to action by a regard for others. In this Tedx talk, Fr. Greg Boyle explains how the motivations of compassion and kinship play out in his work as the founder of Homeboy Industries, the largest gang member intervention and job-training program in Los Angeles. Boyle explains the critical roles of compassion and kinship in the development of social value.

Our Best Advice for Powering Through the Crisis

Since March we’ve published many articles about how small businesses, family businesses and startups can survive this pandemic and get ready for what comes next.  Here they are in one place.

Issue 6

A Crisis Playbook for Family Businesses

Along with facing the same challenges as non-family businesses today, family business owners also must worry about family dynamics. They should seize the chance for reflection and change.

New Prototype Methods Help Innovation

Entrepreneurs can design new products faster thanks to technology developments that make prototyping easier, such as those involving 3D printing and digital manufacturing.

A case study of the benefits of a price of $0.

Pricing is a tricky issue for entrepreneurs, especially for new products or services and information goods. Here is a surprising case study we can all learn from.



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