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From LensCrafters employee to successful entrepreneur and top selling author of "Go for No!," Andrea Waltz has sold over 300,000 copies of her book and has been in the top 20 of Amazon’s “Sales” books for the last five years. In this candid interview, she talks about why you should never settle for yes.

Andrea speaks all over the world, helping people get over the fear of rejection and providing guidance on how to deal with the word "no." Her discussion topics focus on female entrepreneurship and the importance of having incredible mentors. She also encourages people to get out of their comfort zones and face their fears. 

“You can’t have the life you want unless you are willing to give up the life you have,” says Andrea. This requires a lot of sacrifice, so if you have a goal or dream you are serious about, you need to be willing to give up some of those instant pleasures.  


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