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How All Kinds of Businesses Can Use AI Productively

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This video, also available as a podcast, explores how entrepreneurs, family businesses, startups and others can tap into artificial intelligence to digitize parts of their business and legacy, increase productivity while controlling costs, and open the door to innovating beyond traditions with technology at a time of economic excitement.

Anuj Ashar became intrigued by technology at a young age. Now, at only 21 years old, his AI start-up Beta Booster helps businesses grow faster and smarter. Anuj is a celebrated serial tech entrepreneur and a global young innovator who has worked with various organizations to build sustainable and innovative businesses. He has a background in aerospace engineering and a passion for technology and entrepreneurship.

In this interview with Senior Editor Mat Hughes, Anuj talks about the key developments, commercial uses, and future prospects of AI for entrepreneurs and businesses. The opportunities abound for growing faster and smarter by optimizing their marketing campaigns; analyzing customer data and segmenting their audience in new ways; personalizing their messages; testing different strategies; creating engaging and relevant content; saving time and money on business activity; and boosting productivity.


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Mat Hughes

Mat Hughes

Schulze Distinguished Professor and Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship / School of Business / University of Leicester
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