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Announcing the Top 25 Finalists for e-Fest 2024

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MINNEAPOLIS, March 22, 2024 -- Get ready for the return of e-Fest® to Minneapolis, MN, hosted by the University of St. Thomas from April 18-20! This year marks the 8th edition of our annual business competition, where undergraduate students from across North America gather to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit.

e-Fest® isn't your average competition—it's where tomorrow's leaders come to shine. With a total of $215,000 in cash prizes, it's one of the biggest competitions around, offering students a chance to turn their ideas into reality. 

What sets e-Fest® apart are the four exciting competitions students can participate in:

  • Pitch Slam!: This is where teams present their business ideas in a fast-paced, high-energy format. It's all about making a compelling case for why their venture deserves to win.
  • Innovation Challenge: Students are teamed up with students from other schools to solve a real-life challenge.  It's a chance to showcase creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Schulze Entrepreneurship Challenge: The highlight of the weekend, named after Richard Schulze founder of Best Buy, this competition focuses on business plans and strategies. Teams compete to show judges the viability of their venture, entrepreneurial vision and execution plan.
  • Special Recognition Awards: These awards recognize teams making a positive difference in the world. Here's what each category entails. 
  • Global Impact Award: This award honors ventures with a worldwide reach and the potential to thrive in international markets.
  • Social Impact Award: Recognizing ventures addressing critical social issues, going beyond profitability to drive positive change in society.
  • New for 2024 Ready for Market Award: Celebrating ventures on the brink of market readiness, poised to scale and operate successfully as businesses.

The stakes are high, with $50,000 on the line for the winning team and cash prizes for the runners-up in each competition.

But e-Fest® isn't just about competition—it's a fast track to turning ideas into impact and navigating new terrain as an entrepreneur. Teams learn how to overcome common startup challenges through hands-on professional workshops led by seasoned subject matter experts from around the country. Mentors and judges are industry leaders and experienced entrepreneurs with real-world experience who can provide valuable feedback to help teams take their venture to the next level.  Yet, beyond the thrill of competition, one of the best parts about e-Fest is community. Participants have the chance to network with peers and mentors, forming connections that will last a lifetime. 

So, without further ado, EIX proudly announces the Top 25 Finalists for e-Fest® 2024! After reviewing 150+ submissions from 78 colleges and universities during the preliminary online round, our network of expert judges have selected the Top 25 Finalists.  

2024 e-Fest Top 25 Finalist Teams

(Teams appear in alphabetical order)

Allure LLC

University of Minnesota

Japanese Beetles are an agricultural and commercial pest that decimates over 500 common plant species, from soybeans to rose bushes. Alure has developed a unique solution that integrates light and infused netting technology to eliminate Japanese Beetles in an organic, passive, and easy manner.

Bite Belt

Florida Gulf Coast University

Bite Belt was born from the experiences of passionate fishermen who recognized a glaring need in the market. This innovative product is designed to cater to anglers, particularly those who own trucks and face the constant challenge of safely transporting their fishing rods. Bite Belt v1, our flagship product, represents a groundbreaking solution that tackles the shortcomings of existing options, offering superior protection and convenience for anglers all around the world.

Fetal Therapy Technologies

Johns Hopkins University

Fetal Therapy Technologies has developed a novel port system optimized for fetal therapy surgeries to improve the safety of these life-saving procedures. Developed alongside the Johns Hopkins Center for Fetal Therapy, our device can revolutionize the standard of care in this field.

Fireshield Grills

University of Alabama at Birmingham

All in all, our grill improves the experience for the consumer and provides larger manufacturers the added bonus of improved environmental protection, on top of overall efficiency.

Fluid Sports Tech

Quinnipiac University

Fluid Sports Tech was established with a clear focus on the student-athlete, aiming to empower them for optimal performance and well-being. We are dedicated to providing valuable resources and comprehensive support in a private setting, while also actively working to getting rid of the stigma around mental health.


Florida Atlantic University

Glaucova is a ML driven glaucoma prescreening platform that increases healthcare accessibility and helps fight preventable blindness.


SUNY New Paltz

Insulmate is a temperature regulating device for insulin that not only keeps the insulin cool, but heats it up to safe temperatures.

Janey Health

Loyola Marymount University

Janey Health makes and markets the first ever health supplement (a delicious gummy) specifically designed to help millions of cannabis users protect their hearts.


Harvard University

MabLab is building 5-in-1 test strips to detect the five deadliest lacing agents in recreational drugs. In response to one of our close peers who overdosed on laced drugs, we are dedicated to delivering a solution that will help end the overdose crisis.

Merge Conflict Studio

University of Texas at Austin

Merge Conflict Studio is an indie video game development company that focuses on centering marginalized perspectives and environmental awareness.


University of Cincinnati

Motiv is an innovative sports management software designed to take the stress and complexity out of coaches' lives to let them get back to focusing on what's most important: their athletes!


University of Minnesota

Nivoso is developing modular commercial robots for clearing snow at 0-tolerance facilities like schools and nursing homes every time an inch of snow is detected. Modular attachments will be available for autonomous yard-maintenance as well, creating a 4-season yard and winter maintenance robot.

Open Door Code

University of St. Thomas

Open Door Code is an introductory coding tool that empowers young creators by making learning fun, interactive, and accessible. By bringing the world of coding from the screen to their hands, Open Door Code gives middle school students a tactile alternative to traditional beginner coding software.

Paradigm Robotics

University of Texas at Austin

Paradigm Robotics is an Austin, Texas based robotics startup building advanced and versatile robotic platform solutions to provide mission critical situational awareness for firefighting, disaster response, industrial/manufacturing, and other industries. We help protect the brave in the most hazardous of environments. Our mission is to paradigm shift the field of robotics by bridging advanced, accessible, cutting edge robotics with real-world hazardous landscapes, providing needed, critical solutions to the most dangerous and persistent problems out there. We build robots that go where humans can’t.


University of Cincinnati

PhizzIO offers a software solution that caters to physical therapy centers to enhance treatment accessibility and adherence for their patients. By leveraging advanced technology, PhizzIO helps patients perform their exercises with precision and allows physical therapists to track patient progress and recovery, resulting in enhanced treatment quality.

Pool Protection Technologies

University of Georgia

Pool Protection Technologies delivers disruption to the pool industry with our algae killing machine, SAM. SAM emits precision ultrasound to kill algae in an environmentally friendly manner, reducing the need for pool chemicals by 30-70%,  allowing pool owners to get back to relaxing by the poolside.

Quix Labs

West Chester University

Quix Labs is a pioneering startup focused on addressing the vaping crisis by offering innovative, nicotine-reduced vaping alternatives. Founded by a team of dedicated professionals and advised by seasoned industry experts, Quix Labs aims to enhance users' choices and increase access to better smoking alternatives through its flagship product, The Quixotic.

Rush Power

University of Tampa

Rush Power is a nutritional supplement company developing one of the United States' first official pre-workout gummies.  We are committed to empowering individuals to conquer their storms both inside and outside the gym, fostering strength in every aspect of their lives.

Side Coach Sports

University of Oklahoma

Side Coach Sports is a platform that connects college athletes to youth athletes for private one-on-one lessons.


University of WisconsinMadison

SideShift revolutionizes the part-time campus job market with the help of a common application to seamlessly connect college students with local small businesses, using an engaging and simple interface reminiscent of popular dating apps and social networks.

SPLIT Rideshare

Northwestern University

SPLIT matches and coordinates rides for people traveling the same route at the same time.


Florida Gulf Coast University

TablePac offers the ultimate solution for on-the-go convenience with our inflatable tables made from durable paddle board material. Equipped with detachable telescopic legs, a repair kit, and a backpack, TablePac ensures maximum portability and versatility for all your outdoor adventures.


University of Oklahoma

ThinkPot pioneers indoor gardening with a smart, self-sustaining plant pot and connected mobile app, transforming plant care into an effortless, educational journey. Aiming to foster a deeper understanding of botany and sustainability, ThinkPot revolutionizes how plant enthusiasts nurture and sustain their plant companions.


Grove City College

Tooli is a peer-to-peer tooling, equipment, and service rental application designed to help users monetize their clutter while reducing tool waste

Yanie Eyewear

Georgia State University

Yanie Eyewear makes stylist and innovative eyewear designed to alleviate dry eye disease pain.

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Jennifer Gessner
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