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Ways Entrepreneurs Can Plan for a Recession and Thrive During It

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Whether you believe a recession (or economic boom!) is in the future, it can be interesting and useful to reflect about where things may be going and to develop a plan -- or at least a plan for a plan! A key challenge for entrepreneurs is trying to understand circumstances and trends and make smart and informed choices about navigating risks and opportunities. On a smaller scale, entrepreneurs wonder about how new products and ideas can come to life. On a major scale, all businesses young and old must operate within the ebb and flow of their national and global economy. When the potential for a downturn presents itself, does it mean the end of opportunity or, rather, a chance for new ways to think about opportunity?

At NextAvenue, we explore topics about entrepreneurship and business and interviewed author Jonathan Slain about this fascinating topic:

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Richard Eisenberg

Richard Eisenberg

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