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Past Issue

December 7, 2020 - Issue #18

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Editor's Pick

Sherri Noxel

One Tough Mother

One Tough Mother is not an academic text but an inspirational autobiography from the late Gert Boyle. It is the story of her inheriting her father’s sporting goods business and the unexpected death of her husband when she was 46. Gert rebuilt the company that is now one of the finest examples of G3 family enterprise ownership of a publicly traded global company.

"One Tough Mother: Taking Charge in Life, Business and Apple Pies” by Gert Boyle, G2 CEO of Columbia Sportswear.

How to Build an App without Programming

Many venture ideas hit a dead end when people conclude, "We'd like to build an app but don't know any programmers." But no-code tools like Adalo and Glide provide a way forward.

Everyday Gratitude in Times of Uncertainty

A timely message for the holiday season: Gratitude leads to better relationships. It's also good business because it encourages loyalty among our colleagues, especially in times of crisis.

Jon Eckhardt for EIX

Lean Educators Summit Focuses on Covid

Our next Lean Innovation Educators Summit, free to all innovation educators, is December 16 and will focus on how Covid has changed how we teach and what we teach.

Hard Work May Not be Enough

This is an interactive online version of my coin toss game, featured on this web site, that explores how luck and societal structures impact who gets ahead.

Secrets of Japan's Oldest Firms

How long can a small business survive? Centuries in some cases. Such long-lived businesses can offer lessons for today's entrepreneurs on how to manage through crisis.

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Supported by the Richard M Schulze Family Foundation

Supported by the Richard M Schulze Family Foundation