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2017 e-Fest Undergraduate Student Venture Competition

The 25 finalists and champions for our 2017 e-Fest® are announced. The final competition was held in Minneapolis at the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship in April. Congratulations to the finalists, winners, and participants!

More information information e-Fest® is here:

2016 EIX Student Venture Competition

Entrepreneur and Innovation Exchange announced six undergraduate and graduate school winners of its first annual Student Venture Competition.

The online competition, which awards a total of $50,000 in grants, is designed to reward and encourage students’ innovative ideas for new products or services.  The students pitched their ideas in seven-minute videos, submitted to  Judges awarded points based on factors such as how well the new offering addressed a market need, the size of the market, staffing requirements for the new company, the need for venture capital, marketing plans and other aspects of the business.

“Our inaugural competition attracted strong entries showing very innovative thinking from these student entrepreneurs,” said Brian Abraham, Associate Dean at the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship at University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, who coordinated the competition.

Three winners were chosen in each of the two categories, undergraduate and graduate. First-place winners in each group receive $10,000 in grants, with an additional $3,000 going to their school.  Second-place winners receive $5,000, with another $2,500 going to their school.  Third-place winners receive $2,500, with another $2,000 going to their school.

The undergraduate winners for 2016 include:

First place:  “Vaylenx: a Novel Approach to Vector-Borne Disease,” Noah Rosenblatt and Kate Clausen, Ohio University.

Second place: “CoachTech,” Kit Snyder, Austin Harrington and Jack Kaiser of University of St. Thomas

Third place: “Unique Pontoons,” Jeremy Little, University of St. Thomas

Graduate winners include:

First place:  “Pure Paani – Mobile Water Filters,” Christopher Bulkley-Logston, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Second place: “Cap-a-Growler,” James Quillen and Chris Wilhelm, University of Alabama

Third place: “Teach a Veteran to Fish,” Christopher Hicks, Texas Tech.

More information about our 2017 Student Venture Competition will be available early next year.




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