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How Matt Younkle Changed Music Collecting

Jon Eckhardt

by Jon Eckhardt

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Matt Younkle's earliest commercial venture -- a product called "TurboTap" that poured beer faster -- almost didn't happen. His first product demo for Anheuser-Busch did not go well. But Younkle came back to TurboTap as a more seasoned entrepreneur years later, and after a successful demo at Chicago's Wrigley Field his sales took off. From this and other experiences Younkle has adopted an attitude of "grounded optimism:" enthusiasm for the future tempered by a strong business sense. It's serving him well for his newest venture,, a marketplace for music collectors. Here Younkle talks with the University of Wisconsin's Jon Eckhardt about his journey as an entrepreneur.

Jon Eckhardt
Jon Eckhardt
Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Distinguished Professor / Wisconsin School of Business & Wisconsin Institute for Discovery / University of Wisconsin-Madison
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