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Schools must focus on empowerment and transformation

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As more students seek to become entrepreneurs, the schools that teach them must be entrepreneurial themselves.  This means taking a fresh look at what they teach and the skills and mindsets that students take with them upon graduation. As the entrepreneurship program grows and thrives, it must keep its edge and resist the tendency to become as bureaucratic as many other university departments. In this discussion from our 2016 Conference, Michael Morris, Program Director of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center at University of Florida and a 2016 Schulze Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year, explains why entrepreneurship programs must be platforms for empowerment and transformation.  Every graduate, he says, should be able to start something -- whether that's a business, an organization or a movement.

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Michael Morris
Michael Morris
Professor of Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation / Keogh School of Global Affairs / University of Notre Dame
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