Delivering the Goods: An Interview with Best Buy and EIX Founder Dick Schulze

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Dick Schulze, the founder of Best Buy and EIX, turns 80 on January 2, 2021. In this 2014 interview with EIX, Schulze shared his experiences as an entrepreneur and innovator -- including how he tripled his income from his boyhood paper route; quit a retail job when his ideas were not valued; started one consumer electronics store, Sound of Music; then transformed that into Best Buy, the largest consumer electronics store chain in the world.

His lessons of finding opportunities in the ruins of dashed plans -- in Schulze's case, a tornado that destroyed Sound of Music but gave birth to the idea for Best Buy -- still resonate today in a new era of uncertainty. On the occasion of his 80th birthday we hope these insights will inspire many current and future entrepreneurs. 


James C Wetherbe

James C Wetherbe

Richard Schulze Distinguished Professor / Rawls College of Business / Texas Tech University
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