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Building a Company Step By Step Ch. 10: Get Out of the Building and Sell

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EIX is featuring interviews that explore the principles outlined in Steve Blank and Bob Dorf's book, "The Startup Owners Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company." This episode focuses on Chapter 10: Get Out of the Building and Sell!

On April 1, 2021, the Madison, Wisconsin-based company Fetch Rewards became a unicorn, with a $210 million investment round lead by SoftBank VisionFund 2. Fetch is an app that uses information from grocery store receipts to help consumers capture more rewards from their grocery purchases, which can consume 20% of their yearly budget. The first versions of the app focused on shoppers in just one Madison-area store, and it spread beyond that one store and from Madison to many other regions. In the early days Fetch's founding team did indeed get out of the building -- they mingled with their first customers to get a better sense of how they shopped and to refine their business model.

EIX Editor in Chief Jon Eckhardt interviewed the company's founder, Wes Schroll, on how he built Fetch Rewards into a billion-dollar company. 



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Jon Eckhardt
Jon Eckhardt
Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Distinguished Professor / Wisconsin School of Business & Wisconsin Institute for Discovery / University of Wisconsin-Madison
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