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MINNEAPOLIS, April 1, 2022 -- Drumroll please...EIX proudly announces the Top 25 Finalists for e-Fest® 2022! We are so happy to be returning to Minneapolis and the University of St. Thomas, April 28-30 for e-Fest® 2022! e-Fest® celebrates 25 undergraduate student teams who submit the top business pitches in a preliminary online competition. Student entrepreneurs from around the country share their biggest and brightest business ideas for the chance to win over $215,000 in cash prizes!

After reviewing nearly 100 submissions from over 60 colleges and universities from across the United States, expert judges selected the top 25 undergraduate teams to travel to Minneapolis and showcase their business pitches to an esteemed panel of judges. These 25 teams will compete in 3-days of competitions: a Pitch Slam, an Innovation Challenge, and the featured event, the The Schulze Entrepreneurship Challenge! What business venture will be crowned as the Schulze Entrepreneurship Challenge Award winner this year? Stay tuned, or better yet, join us on Saturday, April 30th to meet the winner!

E-Fest is sponsored by the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation, the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas, and, a non-profit online platform for entrepreneurship education.

This article will be updated with additional team details.


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(Teams appear in alphabetical order.)


Cornell University

AI-Learners makes learning math accessible and engaging for students with cognitive, physical, and behavioral disabilities through personalized computer games and analytics. We help students succeed academically and ensure their parents and educators can understand their abilities and progress.


California State University of Sacramento

Buzly makes it easy for students to connect with their peers, build communities and get tailored updates directly from universities.

Casgains Terminal

University of Chicago

The Casgains Terminal will be the first online investment social network that emphasizes crowdsourced education and collaboration, where investors can compare and contrast their own investment research and opinions.


Texas A&M University

Chippit is a scannable pet tag containing a pet's important info. A profile can have multiple phone numbers, a return address, vaccine records and much more!


Georgia State University

Conserve is a mobile app that educates, tracks, and rewards users for recycling. Our goal is to change the recycling industry as we know it.


University of St. Thomas

DryvnAI intelligently builds personalized strategies for rideshare and delivery drivers with the help of our intuitive and localized demand forecasts, helping them to increase their earnings and reduce downtime while staying a step ahead of ever-changing conditions.


Portland State University

Fib is a party card game that never gets old, is entirely unique, and is just as fun as the best games on the market.

Fit Oven

Florida Atlantic University

Fit Oven utilizes a state-of-the-art custom intelligent vending machine that refrigerates, heats up, and dispenses hot and healthy meals to the consumer in 90 seconds or less and at a price point 27% lower than fast-food and fast-casual alternatives.

Free. Project

Walsh University

Free. Project aims to provide free period products to all and create menstrual equity by positively connecting brands directly to consumers through a revolutionary marketing channel.

HydroPhos Solutions

University of New Hampshire

HydroPhos Solutions is a circular economy social venture that simultaneously addresses eutrophication and phosphorus depletion as a function of its core business model. HydroPhos utilizes phosphorus filtration technology to extract phosphorus from wastewater, subsequently reselling this phosphorus into the fertilizer industry.

Let's Tap In LLC

Towson University

Let's Tap In is a two-way communication channel between bar owners and their community. The app allows users to provide and receive real time data about their local bar scene and owners to upload unique drink specials/bar activities to the public all while collecting new data about their business.


University of St. Thomas

Local4Local is a youth-run food drive initiative that sustains jobs to cyclo drivers and provides key necessities to Cambodians in need.

Manser Edbrooke Technology

FAMU - FSU College of Engineering

We are building a machine to create high quality metal parts in any home or office.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

AI-powered meal generator app that develops a meal plan tailored to users' physique goals, dietary preferences, and time constraints.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Through emerging e-commerce technologies, the Pallyt app will give contractors instant access to all local hardware stores and specialty suppliers, making it effortless to search for the best nearby products and order them immediately for in-store pickup or rapid delivery.

Pet HealthCare Innovations

Florida Atlantic University

Pet HealthCare Innovations was founded to greatly improve the health and quality of life for pets and their owners, by providing the best products and services on the planet, that are the most effective, easy to use, and essential for the standard of care for pets.

Reboot Reforestation

University of Alabama

Reboot Reforestation develops, manufactures, and operates drone technology to plant trees and monitor ecosystems at scale, faster, more affordable, and with less labor than our competitors.

RedBrick Entertainment

Wake Forest University

We help Universities foster campus engagement through large scale scavenger hunts.


Towson University

An innovative automotive buying and browsing experience utilizing NFC technology.


Grove City College

Resense's product Memory Box is a toolkit designed to increase brain health, exercise the senses and elicit long-lasting memories.

Safe Sips

State University of New York at New Paltz

Safe Sips is a biodegradable disposable cup manufacturer that produces a cup capable of letting consumers know when their hot beverage has reached a safe drinking temperature to protect consumers, businesses and the planet.

Sav's Syrups LLC

University of Northern Iowa

Sav's Syrups LLC is a sustainable, flavor-first coffee syrup company.


Grand Valley State University

SmartSeat Media L.L.C. is an online event ticketing service that utilizes Algorand's blockchain technology. In doing so, we completely abolish sketchy ticket transactions, exuberant fees, and best of all artists, venues, and organizers make additional money on secondary ticket sales, which has never been heard of before.

Sportwatch LLC

Western Michigan University

Sportwatch LLC aims to bring powerful data-driven analytics to time-based sports via a mobile app. With practice-based data, coaches and athletes can view insights over the course of their season and customize their workouts.


Virginia Tech

Tandemly leverages advances in AI for personalized learning.


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