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Podcast: A Lacrosse Innovator Re-thinks His Strategy

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A few years ago, Western Kentucky University student and avid lacrosse player Muamer Razic took apart a Nintendo Wii remote to explore how it registered human movements. This inspired him to invent a device, similar to a Fit Bit and small enough to nestle inside a lacrosse stick, that helps lacrosse players monitor their performance and track their improvement. The company that Razic launched for his device, LVL Lacrosse, was a finalist in the 2017 e-Fest, EIX's undergraduate business idea competition. 

Since then LVL Lacrosse has won recognition in other entrepreneurship competitions, and the monitoring device moved into the pre-sale phase. But the company suffered what Razic calls a "gut punch" in February 2020, when the pandemic shut down his supplier and Razic had to re-think his core technology to find another one.  He is now developing the new technology for his lacrosse monitoring device. Assisting him is longtime LVL Lacrosse business partner Austin Mourad, who also invented a device called Putt Dots that helps golfers improve their form and is now part of the LVL family of products. The company also sells other lacrosse equipment and apparel. 

Both Razic and Mourad were featured in my recent podcast about the importance of understanding your market, selling and pivoting. It's part of my series called "Launch," focusing on helping entrepreneurs and startups. 


Whitney Peake
Whitney Peake
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