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Past Issue

December 21, 2020 - Issue #21

A Road Map for Resurgence in 2021

With a vaccine on the way, we feel the best advice for 2021 is to focus on what comes next.  These articles from the past year can inform your game plan for the post-Covid world that will dawn in a few months.

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Editor's Pick

Brett Smith

Fr. Greg Boyle on compassion and kinship

Social entrepreneurs are often motivated to action by a regard for others. In this Tedx talk, Fr. Greg Boyle explains how the motivations of compassion and kinship play out in his work as the founder of Homeboy Industries, the largest gang member intervention and job-training program in Los Angeles. Boyle explains the critical roles of compassion and kinship in the development of social value.

Jon Eckhardt

The Pandemic's Surprising Winners

While more than a quarter of small businesses have closed, a number of them are doing surprisingly well, as this New York Times article observes.

Modern Entrepreneurship

Check out my discussion with Josh Kosnick about the current state of entrepreneurship and how wanna-be business owners should approach the current marketplace.

The Way Out

What does research say about the path forward? This collection of articles from a leading entrepreneurship journal focuses on navigating the Covid pandemic.

Staying on Course

In times of trouble, having organizational routines and simple rules helps companies stay the course, as this article points out.

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Supported by the Richard M Schulze Family Foundation

Supported by the Richard M Schulze Family Foundation