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September 1, 2022 - Issue #69

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Editor's Pick

Kimberly Eddleston

No a**hole rule by Robert Sutton

This video offers an overview of Robert Sutton's Harvard Business Review article and book titled: "The No A**hole Rule." It reminds us about the need to be civil in the workplace and not to tolerate bad behavior. From an entrepreneurship standpoint, it highlights the need for good leadership and the importance of creating an organizational environment that brings out the best in people.

September 2022

Considering a bridge loan?

A bridge loan is a way to finance your firm between rounds of VC capital, often used if more time is needed to hit milestones or if raising another round is difficult. Fred Wilson offers a quick primer here.

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Supported by the Richard M Schulze Family Foundation

Supported by the Richard M Schulze Family Foundation