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Park & Diamond: eFest 2017 Winner Ready to Launch

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Park & Diamond, which has invented a bicycle helmet that is stylish and portable as well as safe, was the eFest2017 grand prize winner, taking home $100,000. For its founders Jordan Klein and David Hall, eFest was a launchpad for getting their innovation on the radar for other competitions. As of June 2019 the helmet (pictured here) has about $2.2 million in pre-orders and is ready to hit the market. In this video from eFest2019 in April, Klein talks about his experiences at eFest2017, the company's journey since then and the satisfying connections he and Hall made with other student entrepreneurs.  Their eFest accomplishments gave Park and Diamond legitimacy with subsequent competitions and helped them line up additional funding. Now, Klein says, with the helmets being manufactured and ready for sale, "we can't wait to be on everyone's heads."

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