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Announcing Our New Partnership With Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

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Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange (EIX) and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (ETP) have formed an alliance to bring more research-tested advice on how to launch, finance, staff and run successful ventures to EIX’s growing audience. 

ETP is a leading scholarly journals in the field of entrepreneurship. Its mission is to publish original conceptual and empirical research that contributes to the advancement of entrepreneurship. Founded in 1976 as the American Journal of Small Business, the journal name was changed to Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice under the leadership of the Executive Editor, Dr. Ray Bagby, and transferred to Baylor University.  In 2018, the publishing rights were transferred to Sage Publishing, and Dr. Johan Wiklund, a leading scholar in the field of entrepreneurship, was named as the new Executive Editor. ETP is consistently ranked as one of the most influential business journals in the Journal Citation Reports, and is ranked by the Financial Times as one of the top journals in the field of business and management research.

As part of this partnership, EIX will work with ETP’s authors to create short, practice-focused articles that summarize their research’s key takeaways for current and future entrepreneurs,  innovators, and the investors, universities and others that support them. This partnership with ETP complements other partnerships with other leading academic journals in the field of entrepreneurship, including the Journal of Business Venturing and the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. All three journals publish original research that has been carefully developed through a double-blind review process conducted by peer scholars. 

EIX, founded in 2014 through the generous support of the founder and former chairman of Best Buy, Richard M. Schulze, aims to help more entrepreneurs and innovators be successful. Since  2014, readership for EIX and its sister publication,, has grown to more than 6 million page views and more than 4 million visitors each year. Today EIX and continue to receive support from the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation. Because of his generosity both sites are free to use.

“EIX will be a valuable partner to us as we strive to make the insights from our articles more useful for practicing entrepreneurs,” said Johan Wiklund, Editor-in-Chief of ETP. “The people who do important entrepreneurship research are discovering that their published work can have even greater impact if their key findings are shared through the right channels. With its growing readership of business owners as well as scholars, EIX will help us make that happen.”

Along with EIX’s three partnerships, also has a formal partnership with the Journal of Family Business Strategy. The two sites’ translations of scholarly research have been viewed more than 560,000 times. Some of these translations have attracted more than 70,000 views each; many have attracted more than 7,000. Our articles have also encouraged more people to explore the scholarly research, increasing the number of downloads of the original study. A roundup of both sites’ research translations can be found here.  

As part of its partnership with ETP, the journal’s publisher, Sage Publishing, has agreed to make downloads of the original study free of charge for a limited time. Each EIX research translation will include a link to the original paper for people who want to explore the research more deeply. 

Outside of our formal partnerships, EIX will continue to occasionally publish translations of research from other journals as well. Authors of recently published, peer-reviewed entrepreneurship studies are invited to consider publishing short translations of their articles on EIX and Family Business. For more information about contributing original content or research translation articles published in peer-reviewed journals, visit here or contact one of the Senior Editors of EIX or 


David Townsend
David Townsend
Schulze Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship / Management / Virginia Tech
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Catherine Buday
Catherine Buday
Managing Editor / EIX and
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