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Bringing Research-Based Insights to a Wider Audience: Our Partnership With Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

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A key part of our mission at EIX and is giving entrepreneurs access to new knowledge generated by top-notch academic research. As part of that mission, we have partnered with Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (SEJ), a leading journal in the field of entrepreneurship. Over the past two years, we’ve worked with SEJ editors and authors to identify recently accepted SEJ articles that offer insights relevant to practicing entrepreneurs. Our editors have then worked with the authors to generate short, readable articles that condense each study’s key findings in ways useful to entrepreneurs and those who work with them.

Our partnership has helped increase SEJ’s impact by bringing high-quality research studies, and their practical takeaways, to people who wouldn’t find these studies on their own. Happily, our research translations have generated many thousands of page views.

Below are links to the articles we’ve translated to date. We’ll add to this list as our partnership continues. We’re delighted to make this content broadly available so that more people can learn and benefit from it, and we hope you enjoy it too.

Authenticity Lessons From the Craft Beer Industry

by Stanislav Dobrev and Cameron Verhaal. Published May 1, 2024

Companies that want to attract fans and business by being perceived as "authentic" face a big marketing challenge: The first rule of authenticity is that you never talk about authenticity.

Women Offer Family Businesses an Entrepreneurial Advantage

by Kimberly Eddleston and Franz Kellermanns. Published March 3, 2024

Women CEOs of family businesses are as effective, and sometimes more effective, than their male counterparts in transforming learning into entrepreneurship.

Micro Venture Capital: A Growing Source of Startup Funding

by Mario Daniele Amore, Annamaria Conti and Valerio Pelucco. Published January 23, 2024

This piece explores micro venture capital firms, which make smaller investments than traditional venture capitalists, and are becoming more important in the startup ecosystem.

Where Can Fintech Do the Most Good?

by Arzi Adbi and Siddharth Natarajan. Published September 14, 2023

Many have predicted that mobile money and other fintech will replace traditional banks in impoverished countries. But our research showed that socially marginalized people need both. 

COVID Interventions Changed How Companies Hire

by David Lucas, Cristiano Bellavitis and David Park. Published June 19, 2023

Mature, established companies acted more like startups, successfully courting candidates with entrepreneurial mindsets.

What Matters More for Entrepreneurs: Book Smarts or Street Smarts?

by Regan Stevenson and Jared Allen. Published January 9, 2023

In this article, researchers looked at how cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence each contribute to venture success.

Many Startups Benefit From a Short-Term Focus

by Johan Bruneel, Stephan Weemaes and Ann Gaeremynck. Published November 21, 2022

New companies often don’t have the financial resources to wait for a long-term payoff. External board members help them weather the initial challenges.

Women Can Help Family Firms Innovate -- But Socioemotional Factors Matter

By Jonathan Bauweraerts, Emanuel Rondi, Paola Rovelli, Alfredo DeMassis and Salvatore Sciascia. Published September 8, 2022.

Even as women make their way into leadership roles at family firms, long-held attitudes and practices may prevent the business from realizing all the benefits they can bring.

Against the Odds, Women Can Still Be Powerful Innovators

by Kristen Madison, Curt Moore, Josh Daspit and Joyce Komakech Nabisaalu. Published April 29, 2022

Our research into businesses in emerging countries shows that women in the most repressive societies still find ways to innovate, breaking through stereotypes and cultural expectations.

Is Structure Good or Bad for Startups?

by Andy Contigiani. Published February 8, 2022

Experimentation and planning are two distinct choices in running a venture. Which works better?

Founder-CEO Passion in Selling the IPO

by Michael Howard, Johannes Kolb and Valerie Sy. Published August 26, 2021

In this article, we ask: "Which matters more - the passionate storytelling of the original founder, or the reassuring messages coming from a seasoned executive?"

When Does Microfinance Do the Most Good?

by Pushan Dutt, Jasjit Singh and Arzi Abdi. Published May 7, 2021

To date, we've known relatively little about whether the reason for microfinance loans affects how much it helps the borrower. We explored that here.

In addition to the translations published above, we published the following article, which highlights some ways for scholars to learn from the insights of practitioners. In this way, our partnership underscores that learning can, of course, flow both ways – i.e., not just from research to practice, but from practice to research as well.

Today’s Entrepreneurs Can Inform Tomorrow's Research

by Gary Dushnitsky & Sharon Matusik. Published February 18, 2020

To advance our body of knowledge – and help more entrepreneurs succeed in the future – scholars must keep asking them questions about how their behaviors and actions are changing.


Gary Dushnitsky
Gary Dushnitsky
Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship / London Business School
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Daniel Forbes
Daniel Forbes
Senior Editor for EIX & Associate Professor / Carlson School of Management / University of Minnesota
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