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Food for Thought: Starting a Side Hustle While Working Full-time

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About 44 million Americans, including many women, are exploring "sidepreneurship," or starting their own businesses while working full time somewhere else.  Done right, it can bring the financial stability of a steady income, professional growth that impresses supervisors, and the potential for profits from the new business. But it does have drawbacks, including long hours, difficulties balancing both jobs as well as family demands, and decreased performance at the main job.

EIX and familybusiness.org editor Kimberly Eddleston spoke with Sophie Gechijian, who founded the Boston-based f (x) Foods ("Function Foods") while working full time in the financial services industry.  Her company makes nutrition bars that promote sharper thinking, physical stamina and, coming soon, heart health.  In this discussion, Gechijian and Eddleston talk about how f (x) Foods got started, the pros and cons of sidepreneurship, and advice for people who want to try it themselves. 

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