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Producing Research Entrepreneurs Can Use

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Entrepreneurs often perceive a gap between research conducted in academia, and the practical problems that they face when building companies. As recognized by the AACSB—the accrediting body for Business Schools—this research/practice divide is not unique to the field of entrepreneurship. The research/practice divide likely exists across most fields of study within research-based business schools. 

Fortunately, scholars are experimenting with different approaches to bridge the research/practice divide, and EIX has been covering this topic. Below is a list of our articles to date on this issue. We welcome more submissions on this topic. If you are interested, please click on the "CONTRIBUTE AN ARTICLE" button at the top of our site. 

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Researchers: Are You Asking the Wrong Questions?

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Entrepreneurship Research: Which Trails to Blaze Next

James Wetherbe: How Consulting Connects Colleges to the Real World

An Interview with David Teece, a Practicing Business Intellectual

Minefield or Opportunity: How to Work Constructively with Universities

'Champions' Make Diverse Spinoff Teams More Successful

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