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Virtual care startup Zipnosis aids the fight against the coronavirus

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Zipnosis, a digital health company based in Minneapolis, is playing an important role in enabling patients to communicate with health care providers without leaving their homes. Since 2008, Zipnosis' technology has facilitated virtual interactions related to urgent care, surgical care and occupational medicine, among other settings. More recently, the company has given health care systems a way to quickly reach large numbers of patients seeking answers about their respiratory health and COVID-19 while still maintaining the physical distance that's so valuable under current circumstances. In particular, Zipnosis is breaking new ground with asynchronous visits - where the patient and provider interact on their own time - while also offering care via more traditional tele-medicine modes, such as chat, phone and video. In the video below, Zipnosis Founder & CEO Jon Pearce discusses some of these recent developments.


COVID-19 Update: What We're Seeing Across the Country from Zipnosis, Inc. on Vimeo.

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Daniel Forbes
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