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Online Teaching Resources from EIX

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During the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, many instructors are quickly revising their courses to be delivered online. EIX is here to help with an array of free and peer-reviewed resources that can easily be used in an online course. Listed below are examples of videos and case studies that can be used as the basis for student reflections or discussions, as well as teaching tools that can be incorporated into online coursework. More resources can be found by selecting one of the “Resource topics” at the top of the page. Finally, our sister website,, offers additional resources specifically for the  family business classroom.

We hope you find these resources helpful. Please follow us on Twitter at @EIXsocial if you would like to receive updates on our new content.


Mission in a Bottle: A Discussion with Honest Tea's Seth Goldman

Ann Winblad, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

How Eric Martell Cooked up a 'Digital Food Court'

Green Giant: Grocer Scott Nash on Organic Growth

RX for Success: Former MinuteClinic CEO Linda Hall Shares her Stories

A Tech Entrepreneur's Journey: Hard Work and Smart Risks

YOXO Founder Discusses the Serious Business of Play

Case studies

When Kickstarter Campaigns Don’t Deliver: A Case Study of Phenom Fabrics

Change of Heart: Two Companies that Transformed Cardiac Care

Versare, Inc. - The Accidental Fax

Will Music Schools Embrace Multimedia Software?

Exercises and teaching tools

Integrate Lego Serious Play for Collective Creativity

Five Very Fast Ways to Better Understand a New Product or Market

Online Mentorship and Teamwork Best Practices

Social Entrepreneurship Exercise: Developing your “Theory of Change”

Creativity Exercise: Connecting Disparate Products, Services, or Concepts


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Daniel Forbes
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